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GLENROCK PARANORMAL SOCIETY Application for Membership

Contact info: 

Name: ___________________________________________

Date of birth: _______________

Address: _________________________________________

City: ______________________ State: _________ Zip Code: ___________

Phone: ___________________ E-Mail Address: ____________________________    

Other Contact Info: ____________________________________________________

Best time to contact you? _____________________________________________

Preferred method of contact: __________________________________________

General BackgroundHave you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?


Do you have a valid driver's license? _____________ Issuing state: ______


Why do you wish to join Investigation team?


What is your background if any, in the paranormal?


Previous or current membership in paranormal groups, please explain:  


If you have a website describing your paranormal experience, please list:


What you can offer as an Investigator:


What skills do you possess?  Please place a check against all that apply.

____ Technical (Audio/visual, electronics)

____ Computer skills. Please list programs and software:

____ General research skills

____ Marketing & Public relations

____ Human resources

____ Occult, Metaphysical, or religious knowledge. Please list specifics:

____ Photography and/or digital graphics

____ Advanced webmaster- flash, fireworks, dream weaver

____ Psychology & Counseling / Interviewing skills

____ Paranormal investigation experience

____ Medium abilities or know a medium


What Kind Of Equipment Do You Have?

____ Basics- flashlights pen & pad

____ Paranormal & Ghost hunter's books and resource materials

____ EMF Meter (Gauss Meter (Electromagnetic Field Meter)   

____or other specialized meter

____ Personal computer

____ Broadband internet access

____ Video camera with night vision abilities

____ Digital tape recorder

____ Digital camera


Level Of Membership Sought:

____ Regular member:
       (will attend vigils, investigations, and all society meetings)

____ Freelance independent (attend when and if you choose/can)

____ Area representative (be a resource for a particular site, town, or county)

____ Consultant (provide irregular expert knowledge to investigation team)

How Many Hours A Week Can You Devote To The Organization?
(Estimated Average

____0.5 - 2 hours per week

____2 - 5 hours per week

____5 - 10 hours per week


In General, When Are You Available For Meetings And Investigations?

____Not normally available - will work from home/work generally


____Weekdays evenings

____Weekdays Are You Physical, Mentally And Medically Able To Be Involved In Field Investigatior?

____ Yes

____ No

____ Yes with certain conditions (please explain)


Do you have a resume?



_____I can make one


Please check all those areas you feel you need training for:

____ Own equipment available?

____ Research & Development

____ Data Collection

____ Interviewing

____ Technician

____ Webmaster & Graphics

____ Personnel

____ Editor

____ Mediums/Psychic

____ Investigator


Signature: ________________________________________




Click here for Instructions on, sending us your membership info: