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Founding member Bill is a graduate from the school of hard knocks and spends his days working as an insurance agent. Bill brings his skills as a sensitive to the group offering that extra level of paranormal understanding to every investigation. When not looking for spirits or selling insurance, you can find Bill down at the lake enjoying water sports or in the back yard tinkering with an engine, any engine. Bill has believed in the paranormal for as long as he can remember having had numerous paranormal experiences. As an investigator for Glenrock Paranormal, he hopes to add to the growing national database of scientific evidence and of course, have a few adventures along the way.   Favorite quote: When in doubt get the hell out. Fears: Becoming a ghost. Paranormal philosophy:  How can we explain what we don’t understand.


Completing a program in automotive mechanics and an associate degree in applied science at Casper College, Wyoming, John has been a Glenrock resident all his life. Currently working in the family insurance business, John, founding member of Glenrock Paranormal, usually has just two things on his mind: cars and ghosts. John provides the society use of his electronic and engineering skills as he is responsible for all tinkering and management of digital software and equipment including web site management. John approaches ghost hunting from his mild mannered perspective using logic and life experience to hone in on the truth of the situation. A true believer in the paranormal, John expects the work of the society only to further his belief in the other side and its continuing connection with our world.    Favorite quote:  What’s understood need not be discussed.” –Tori Amos Fears: snakes, spiders, and reptiles. Paranormal philosophy:  The paranormal realm is essentially that which we don’t understand. That’s why we study it: to disprove or prove what is true and what is fiction and to make and form skeptics and/or believers.


Casper resident Nancy has had limited paranormal experiences.
She has a love of antiques, Victorian life and architecture. Her hesitation of all things paranormal keeps her in front of the computer or at the library. Nancy’s research helps to connect the human aspect of an investigation site.
Favorite quote- “Yesterday was the past, tomorrow is the future but today is a gift. That is why we call it the present.” Fears: fire, bees and idiots in a position of power. Paranormal philosophy: An investigation is like a Rubik’s Cube, several sides and views but with a combination of the right moves it can be solvedand a haunting can be proved or disproved.