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Active haunting-Responsive entities that appear to interact with living humans.

Angel-Positive (non-human) entity.

Black Mass-A solid black shadow that can deflect light but is still a transparent human form. 

Debunk-To prove untrue; to find a rational explanation for irrational phenomena.

Demon-A negative (non-human) entity.

Dowsing-Two rods of equal length and substance (can be metal or wood) that assist in locating natural phenomena such as water, GPS considers this a valid tool of measurement we choose not to utilize at this time.

Ectoplasm-Not a term used by GPS. Once described the string like goop used by Victorian psychics and mediums as part of their performance.

EMF-Electronic Magnetic Field.

EMF detector-Device used to measure electromagnetic levels within a given location. Used in the gauss reading mode, can lend supportive evidence (corresponding field spikes) to other observed and/or recorded activity.

EVP- Electronic Voice Phenomena. The small sounds and voices captured with high frequency digital recorders and used as evidence of paranormal activity. There remains no proof positive evidence that the voices captured belong to the dead.

Fairies/Elves/Pixies-Culturally bound terms used to describe meddlesome entities or ‘little people.’ This term is often interchangeable with those used for a paranormal entity. Glenrock Paranormal views all terms as valid and worthy of investigation.

Fog/steam/mist-Naturally forming phenomena easily debunked and not entertained as evidence of paranormal activity by the Society. 

House blessings-The sanctifying of a property in accordance with the beliefs of the owners and thought to rid a residence of phenomena.

Knocking/rapping-The sound of knocks, taps, or raps on the walls, floor or ceiling of a room under investigation. Those sounds that appear as an intelligent and timely response to questioning (repeated for clarity) are the only kind entertained as evidence by Glenrock Paranormal. 

Orbs-A self lit ball of thoughtful movement. Usually dismissed by GPS.

Oui ja board-A flat board covered with the letters of the alphabet and used for communicating with the other side. This method is not utilized by Glenrock Paranormal.

Paranormal-Opposite of normal; out of sync with every day observable phenomena. Term used describe unexplainable activity.

Poltergeist-An entity that creates physical phenomena.

Provoked response-Call and response method utilized by Glenrock Paranormal when attempting to record EVPs. Timely and intelligent responses provided supporting evidence on cases. The idea is to annoy, bemuse, or irritate an entity into responding.

Residual haunting-Repetitive entity with no conscious thought.

Séance-A collection of people holding hands or in some other way connected as they try to combine energy to communicate with the other side. May utilize bells or writing pads and pens as part of their call and response attempts. Not practiced by GPS.

Shadow people-Those corner of the eye movements of what appears to be human forms. Open to interpretation.

Table tipping-Similar to a séance yet this time the table around which the participants gather is used to record responses of entities. This method is not utilized by Glenrock Paranormal.

Trigger objects-Objects placed in a sealed area, usually on a piece of white paper or card that have a camera trained on them. The idea is to record any movement of the objects and use this as supporting evidence during an  investigation. Drawing around the objects as they sit on the paper provides a second level of movement to verify.

Vortex/energy spot-Certain location that can increase or decrease energy whether the location itself or those present in the location.